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Simple Lemon Biscuits

With just 4 ingredients, these lemon biscuits will not stand for any excuses. Make them after work, as a late night snack or to teach your kids how to bake. It really doesn't get any easier.


Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Make these sweet carrot cake cupcakes for your afternoon tea, as desert or for casual snacking. The frosting will have you reaching for another, and another, and maybe another..

Chocolate cupcakes topped with peanut butter frosting arranged on wooden slabs. 22/02/2021

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cupcakes

Spoil yourself (and others, why not) with these Peanut Butter & Chocolate cupcakes. Two fabulous flavours for a rich, indulgent treat. This recipe makes 12 which is perfect for sharing or a well deserved Monday evening reward.

A handful of chocolate chip cookies 20/02/2021

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We see more and more cookies on websites we visit, constantly being told to accept them or clear them but where are the real cookies, we ask? Where are those chocolate chip cookies of our dreams? Those we always imagine when we click "Accept All"? Here they are! Look no further. Grab the ingredients and make them today!

A slice of a blueberry pancake-cake. 08/02/2021

Baked Blueberry Pancakey-Cake

Bake my pancake, are you serious?! Don't want to stand over the stove for 150 minutes this Shrove Tuesday, ladling mix into the pan with a 50/50 ratio of butter to batter?- Try this bake that encompasses all those early spring flavours, with all that ease! It's a pancake, but baked!

Red muffin in a brown cupcake case with a red bow 07/02/2021

Beetroot and Chocolate Chip Muffins

If you got this far you must be intrigued. This is not a classic, not your typical recipe, not your average combination of ingredients but it can absolutely become a staple in your home. Don't be shy and try these beetroot and chocolate chip muffins.

A red velvet cupcake with white cream cheese frosting and crumbs sprinkled on top of the frosting as well as red sugar heart sprinkles. 04/02/2021

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Every cake can be turned into a smaller easier version to eat and these Red Velvet cupcakes are just that. They are eye-catching, yummy and bound to be a crowd-pleaser whatever the event. We think they fit the theme of Valentines Day to a T but we'll let you be the judge of that.

A triangle slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting slightly pulled off the main cake. 04/02/2021

Easy Chocolate Sponge

It seems as though everyone has a sponge recipe handy - from a friend, off a website online, passed down in generations or off the back of a cooking magazine. Well this one is tried and tested, you are welcome. We have done half the hard work. Now is your turn to bake your easy chocolate sponge.

Chocolate truffles in individual brown cases on a wooden board. 01/02/2021

Chili Chocolate Tequila Truffles

Nothing says "Love" quite like chocolate. And why not spice things up with some chili? Tequila makes this a triple threat to the senses. Is it Valentines day yet?

Three Jammie Dodgers biscuits (sandwiched) with a heart cut out in the middle and red jam showing where the cut out is. They are placed on a brown plate. 28/01/2021

Homemade Jammie Dodgers

Sure, the store bought ones are fine but imagine how amazing these homemade ones are. You can change the shape of your Jammie Dodgers, the filling and the size. Your kids will love making their own. If you’re home alone make an extra big batch and treat yourself. We have just the perfect cutters for this recipe too! Ingredients: 250g unsalted butter 150g caster sugar 1 egg (yolk only) 1tsp vanilla extract 300g plain flour 6tbsp strawberry jam Method: Preheat the oven to 350F / 180°C / Fan Oven 160°C.... Read More