Comparing Fondant vs. Gumpaste vs. Modelling Chocolate

These are some of the biggest contenders on the market today, when it comes to the world of cake decorating. But what is the difference between the three?

Fondant (Sugarpaste)

Generally when it comes to cake decorating, fondant is used to cover a cake, which needs to be rolled out to a certain consistency and then laid on top of the cake. Rolled Sugarpaste is pliable, its more popular for using on celebratory cakes. The ingredients are sugar, water, gelatine and food-grade glycerine. It’s smooth appearance gives cakes a polished look. Sugarpaste can also be used to mould shapes/characters/figurines. 


Is like Sugarpaste, but has a more pliable dough like texture. Instead of gelatine used as an ingredient like sugarpaste, it is made using egg whites, icing sugar, and shortening. Can be rolled quite thinly and is ideal for creating hand modelled flowers and other intricate decorations. Whilst sugarpaste will remain soft, gumpaste will dry hard, and is better suited to use as a cake decoration, rather than it being consumed. Once its dried quite hard, that piece of decoration can be used time and time again. 

Modelling Chocolate

Chocolate paste made by melting chocolate and combining it with corn syrup, or simple syrup and then kneaded until it reaches a stiff, pliable consistency. With a texture like clay and used exactly like it, modelling chocolate can be used to mould shapes/characters/figurines, that are not so easily achieved with softer fondants. Modelling chocolate can be made from white, dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate. Darker colours are harder to tint, whereas white is the easiest type to tint with colours. 

Useful Tip: For modelling figures, its good to mix 50/50 of Sugarpaste and Gumpaste together. Knead it well and then begin. All useful information to take into account when you are trying to decide which one is best to use for what you want to create. 
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