Have you got all of your Christmas Cake Decorations?

It’s that time of year again folks. Time to get out the currants and the marzipan and start creating this year’s Christmas cake. But, before you start, have you checked that you’ve got all of the important cake decorations. After all, you don’t want to go through all of that hard work only to realise you’re missing the vital finishing touches to your creation. With tons of cake making and decorating courses out there now, more and more people are choosing to make cakes at home on a regular basis. Some consider themselves experts in certain areas, like making the best Victoria Sponge on the planet, while others know exactly the right amount of fruit to put in their Christmas cakes, so it’s time to show off what you can do, with the proof, as they say, being in the pudding.

Decorating a cake is the opportunity for people of all cake making abilities to put their own unique finishing touch to their creation. While many won’t move too far from the original recipes for the fear of it all going wrong, the decoration is completely open to interpretation. Christmas cakes are traditionally finished with white icing and marzipan, transforming it into a canvas similar to that you would expect to find in the home of an artist. It’s then down to you to add the final cake decorations to make yours stand out from the crowd and have your friends and family running to the table for a slice. At Sugarshack, we stock a huge range of cake decorations so you can be sure that you can get the perfect cake at the end. With sprinkles, cutters, ribbons and even confetti, you can transform a bland looking Christmas cake that you would expect to find in a shop, into a stunning creation that you can be proud of and that those eating it will love! To find out more information about the range of decorations and all of the other cake accessories available in our collection, contact Sugar Shack today by calling 0208 204 2994 or fill in our online contact form. Remember, we offer free delivery on all orders over £15, so don’t miss out on your essentials!

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