Quick and Easy Buttercreams

Check out these 6 yummy buttercreams ready in the flash of an eye!

These buttercreams are super simple and effective. You can thank us later.

A classic buttercream is a win every time. But why not take it one step further? With some simple additions to the basic recipe you can create delicious flavours to sit atop your yummy cupcakes. The Chocorange is ideal for the Christmas period. Prefer a stronger citrus kick? Look no further than the Lemonmmm buttercream. For the fruity fans we have the Raspberryz buttercream topped with fresh raspberries. If the pink is too childish for you, have a grown up cupcake and top it off with the coffee infused Mocha buttercream. Our Peanut Head buttercream will hit that spot for all you PB lovers out there. Saving the best for last the Nutella buttercream is a true champion and definitive crowd pleaser.

Give them a go and let us know how they turn out! Be sure to tag us on Instagram: sugarshack_shop. Lets get baking!

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