Top 10 AMAZING ways to use piping gel

Piping gel has so many different uses which you probably haven’t even thought of. Find what you can do with this staple cake decorating ingredient.

A tub of piping gel by Wilton

First of all let’s talk basics. What exactly is piping gel? It is a clear, shiny smooth gel which is most often used when decorating cakes. Due to its clear colour it can be coloured to achieve the desired colour. This can be done with colour pastes and dusting powders, basically dry colourants rather than wet and liquid ones. This is to ensure that the gel is not watered down and the consistency is not compromised.
What is it made of? Universally it contains the following: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Modified Food Starch, Emulsifier: Agar Gum (E406), Preservative: Potassium Sorbate (E202), Citric Acid, Antioxidant: Sodium Citrate (331)
What brands are available? We currently stock Wilton and PME piping gel.

Here are 10 things you can use piping gel for:

  1. Writing – for a quick, easy message use some piping gel and a parchment bag with a thin nozzle such as number 1 or 2.
  2. Liquid Effect – create this for themed cakes such as Fishing, Pirates, Halloween etc (swimming pool, pond, blood, drinks such as coffee, tea, juice and more)
  3. Buttercream – to give more stretch to buttercream when piping leaves for example, just add half of teaspoon piping gel to one cup of buttercream icing
  4. Whipped Cream – add 2 tablespoons of piping gel  to 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 2 tablespoons icing sugar and clear vanilla extract. This will result in a creamy, delicate, fluffy stabilised whipped cream
  5. Glaze Fruit – make them look sheen and shiny by sealing them in place with piping gel. The glaze will add a professional look to the fruit on your bakes as well as preserving its freshness and sealing it to any outside moisture.
  6. Wafer Paper – a thin layer of piping gel will make the wafer paper less brittle and decrease the chance of it cracking while cutting or bending
  7. Glue – it’s the perfect quick dry adhesive. Small to medium objects made of wafer paper, gum paste and royal icing can be glued together immediately to fondant, cookies, buttercream, dummies or boards.
  8. Piping Gold or Silver – just mix the piping gel with gold or silver lustre dust for a decadent finish.
  9. Coating Cakes – you can use this instead of a crumb coat just before covering with rolled fondant. It will seal the crumbs and help the fondant to stick. It can also be used to coat dummies before covering with rolled fondant so that it doesn’t slip off the styrofoam
  10. Stained Glass – colour your piping gel and pipe out in desired design using a parchment bag and a thin nozzle to achieve the stained glass effect

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