JEM Easy Rose Cutters, Choice of Sizes

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JEM Easy Rose Cutters are perfect for creating your own gorgeous sugar roses to embellish cakes, cupcakes and other kitchen crafts. The Cutters allow you to produce your own beautiful and elegant roses which can make any girls' birthday that extra bit special. Create gorgeous sugar roses to embellish cakes, cupcakes, and other kitchen crafts These cutters allow you to create any flower which contain five or multiple petals. These include a Gardenia Flower, a Briar and an Azalea, in addition to creating quick Roses. They come with the suggested sequence in which the petals should be assembled and all the cutters are marked with the cone size needed to make the centre of the flowers. A single row of petals should be used for a small rose or double row of petals to make a larger one, and ideally in different sizes to create a better effect. We would recommend that you use Flower Paste with this cutter. Full instructions and diagrams are included.

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