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Silverwood Deep Multisize Cake Tin (12 x 4")

Product Code (AS-10034)

Alan Silverwood Multisize Foldaway Square Cake Pan 12" 30cm

Silverwood Bakeware is renowned for its innovation and has been awarded a "Star Buy" by BBC Good Food Magazine for its versatility.

It is uniquely versatile and is simply adjusted to create cakes in a range of sizes to suit your recipes and your cake design; a real bonus for layered celebration cakes.
By simply sliding the dividers into the desired measured slot you can create cakes from 1" to the full tin width.

For add versatility there are additional dividers available to purchase allowing for an increased range of cake sizes to be baked (see second product picture)

Finally, it's also amazingly easy to store. Take the sides and dividers out of the base and lay them flat on top of the bases for flat, easy storage.

Silverwood Bakeware has an anodised finish, which provides you with an easy-release, easy-clean cake tin which will never rust, even if it's scratched.
Made in the UK

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