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Edible Printers & Icing Sheets

Here at Sugarshack, we pride ourselves on getting the essentials right, so that no matter what the occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a themed birthday, we have the ideal supplies for edible image printing for you and your family, now you can create your very own carnival wherever you are!

For something truly special take some time to browse our edible printers and icing sheets. Purchase your own edible printer and sheets and discover hours of fun printing pictures of your favourite memories or funniest moments and turning them into delicious edible treats!

Edible printers are brilliant for a range of occasions. Many people hosting baby showers, birthdays, hen and stag parties, and even weddings have chosen to create memorable, magical, or hilarious cakes using edible images.

Perfect to personalise cupcakes, celebration cakes, cake pops, cookies and easy to use thanks to software that lets you print wirelessly from your iPhone, Smartphone, tablet or computer. Simply print photos or graphics onto special icing sheets, or wafer paper, using edible inks through a dedicated printer. Use them to cover the top of a cake, make toppers for cupcakes or create any size of individual elements for cake pops or a larger project suchas a wedding or anniversary cake. Printing images allows you to create something very personal. Whether it’s a photo of a loved one, or a business logo, printing your own edible image is a time efficient way to generate a high-quality finish on your bakes. The printed image is flexible, will not crack and can be applied easily to your cakes.

Edible icing sheets are a thin layer of specially designed icing mounted on a peelable backing sheet. These can be passed through one of our Canon printers loaded with edible inks to create a high-resolution photo image that once dry, won’t smudge or rub off. Wafer paper sheets can be printed in the same way and are the perfect option for cupcake toppers or if you are using a paper punch to cut out your design.

Icing sheets are white, and available in A4 and A3 sheets, large round and cupcake toppers covering all your needs. These are the best option for printed photos, the best possible resolution is achieved due to the smooth surface. They can be fixed straight on top of your cake with a smudge of edible glue for birthdays and christenings, or you can make picture frames from flowerpaste and mount a series of images to create a memories cake, perfect for a special wedding anniversary. They can also be decorated with edible pens - draw or write directly onto the icing sheets and you can have hours of decorating fun! Why not print out a mandala design and colour it in, or make some colour-your-own cupcake toppers for a kid’s party? It will keep them entertained and save you decorating time! Icing sheets are so thin they don’t have much flavour so won’t alter the taste of your creation.

Wafer paper is a much more cost-effective media for printing simple designs. The surface of the paper is less smooth than the icing sheets and this can sometimes be reflected in the print resolution. Available in white or mixed colour A4 packs, wafer paper is a fantastic way to add elements to cupcakes, cake pops and cakes. You can use it to print out your favourite images for round cupcake toppers, or print a pattern over a whole sheet and cut out butterflies or flowers to add accents of colour and design to your cakes. The possibilities are as broad as your imagination. Wafer paper is moisture sensitive and the print may be affected if it becomes damp, so for best results apply just before serving.

Printing your own toppers will undoubtedly save you time and money in the long run, but if you just don’t use enough printed toppers to justify buying one of our printers, don’t despair! Our printing service is here to help. We can transform your favourite photo into an edible topper for your cake or cupcake in the shape of your choice. Even if you don’t have an image, for a small surcharge our design team will help you with a bespoke design, and all this comes with free P&P too! Simply email over your picture and let us do the rest. We’ll transfer your image onto an edible icing sheet, and if we have your design before noon we will mail it the same day. All you need do is to peel it off and place it on your cake!

To ensure the best possible printed result, images should be at least 300dpi or a very large jpeg. We want your edible picture to look as good at the original and this will help us achieve it for you. Printed images can be produced well in advance, saving you precious time at the decorating stage. Store them flat, in a protective cover and keep them cool and out of direct sunlight.

We have the right printer for your images up to A3, and with superb photolab quality print heads producing micro ink droplets for precise printing, you will produce you own high resolution photo printing at the touch of a button. Our edible printers can be supplied with a full set of edible printer inks and icing sheets to get you started right away, and when you need it, we have replacement edible ink cartridges available as a full set, or individual colours. You will even find a cleaning kit to keep your new printer in tip top condition.

At Sugarshack, our aim is to offer a full and complete range of quality cake decorating equipment and ingredients. We are constantly evolving and expanding our range to meet the exacting requirements of our valued customers, and it is this demand and appreciation that makes us strive daily to be able to offer you the widest range at the most competitive prices available. We are an independent family run business and have always understood that it is you the customer that helps define who we are, and in what direction we are moving.

Printers, inks and accessories are available both online at www.sugarshack.co.uk and in-store at our famous London showroom.

Please always feel free to call or chat to us online on our 24/7 live chat. Alternatively, you can pop into the showroom for a tea and maybe join us in our dedicated classroom to brush up on existing skills - or even learn some new ones.

Our printer accessories are available to wholesale customers too. Please let us know if you are looking at starting up your very own business and we will help you cost up all the essentials from the cake boards and drums, to the boxes and sugar pastes. Whether it be trade customers or helping you find the best prices on your bulk orders, we are always happy to consider all options to find the solution that best suit your needs.

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