Sugar Paste & Marzipan

There are several types of ‘paste’ available to use in your cake decorating, but they mainly fall into three groups; sugarpaste, modelling paste and flower paste. Each has its own unique purpose, and as you travel along your cake decorating journey you will probably use each of them at some point. If you are new to cake decorating, start with sugar paste as this is the most forgiving of the pastes. Practice basic modelling with this, and as you learn to manipulate the dough, move onto the faster drying pastes.

In the past, almost all cakes would have been covered in a coat of protective royal icing, with delicate and intricate piped patterns. Today, there are many sugar based pastes available, including sugarpaste, flower paste, modelling paste and pastillage, enabling cake decorators to create bigger and bolder cakes than ever before.

Baking with sugar paste and flower paste can produce some truly spectacular looking cakes and treats. From delicious fondants to pretty sugar pastes in a range of colours and flavours you can really bring your cakes to life.

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