Cake Boards & Cake Drums

Here at Sugarshack, we pride ourselves on getting the essentials right, so that no matter what the occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a themed birthday, we have the ideal cake boards and drums for you and your family, so you can create your very own carnival wherever you are!

Cake Boards and drums are the essential flat supports that are placed underneath a cake, making it easy to lift and transport from place to place. It is on this board where it will spend the larger part of its ‘life span’. Cake enthusiasts will decorate the cake on its board, transport it on this board, and then finally serve from this board, so it is an integral part in most of the UKs finest cake decorating you will see!

The Drums are made with either paper pulp or sterilised compressed wood (surprised?) and are both water and grease resistant as they have fully wrapped fronts and edges, along with a plain white bottom (perfect for your signature for then the cake is worth millions in the near future) or your name and number.

All of our cake drums are 12mm (½”) thick and are the most ideal type of cake board for medium to large cakes, as they offer the best support and remain sturdy under heavier weight. These drum boards come in an impressive range of shapes and sizes. Aside from the usual round and square, you will find heart, hexagon, oval, octagon, petal and oblong.

Also for seasonal and special occasions we have an ever-growing decorative selection of festive patterned and coloured cake boards that offer a delightful alternative to the classic silver collection. We also have a team of cake board designers here in the UK, that can customise bespoke shapes and sizes especially for any occasion.

A cake board should ideally never be the exact size of the cake it will be under. We recommend you use a board 2-4 inches larger in diameter than your intended cake for a base or open tiered cake, and 1 inch smaller for a closed tiered cake.

Whether using dowels, pillars or separators, cake boards are an essential part of the framework that supports a tiered cake on the big day.    

Our boards can also be used in some of your favourite stacked cakes, especially in the case of a classic wedding cake, where tiers may need to be stacked tall, allowing the weight to be distributed amongst the pillars and stop the pillars piercing each of the layers above them.

All Sugarshack Cake Boards and drums are traditionally finished in our workshop by hand so please bear this in mind when shuffling through your collection, as each one of those silver trophies will be as individual as the next- these slight variations will hopefully add to the charm of each and every one of your special cakes.

Cake Boards and drums is one of our favourite and most popular categories both online at and in-store at our famous London showroom. It is this demand and appreciation that makes us strive daily to be able to offer you the widest range at the most competitive prices available. We are an independent family run business and have always understood that it is you the customer that helps define who we are and what direction we are collectively moving in.

Please always feel free to call or chat to us online on our 24/7 live chat. Alternatively, you can pop into the showroom for a tea and maybe join us in our dedicated classroom to brush up on existing skills or even learn some new ones.

We are always happy to discuss various pricing options on the everyday essentials, including your board and drum collections. Alternatively, please let us know if you are looking at starting up your very own business and we will help you cost up all the essentials from the cake boards and drums, to the boxes and sugar pastes. Whether it be trade customers or helping you find the best prices on your bulk orders, we are always happy to consider all the options that best suit your needs.

Sugarshack Cake boards and drums are each available to buy as singles or in full pack sizes, from 5 & 10 to 100 and 250. Bulk buying is one of the ways in which we try to help you save money, there is also a wide range of combination packages we offer, some of which include the chance to group cake boxes alongside any drum and board set.

Although Sugarshack Cake boards and drums are all forms of cake card, we usually refer any size fitting in the 1mm-3mm thickness range as cake cards. These are grouped into Single Thick cake cards or Double Thick Cake cards as well as Single Thick Cut-Edge cake cards or Double Thick Cut-Edge cake cards.

Cake Drums are available in a wide range of shapes and colours, and can be used to complement and add an additional dimension to your finished cake. They may be used uncovered, or decorated with sugarpaste to coordinate with your cake.

Essential for tiered and larger celebration cakes, these boards are 12mm thick allowing for the addition of a ribbon. They are the strongest of the range of cake boards ensuring you peace of mind whatever the occasion.

Our drums are available in round and square, If you can’t see what you need just ask, we can offer a number of shapes and sized to order.

Single Thick cake cards are mainly used between tiers of lighter cakes for support, or as a base for a single tier sponge cake. Available in round or square, gold, silver and festive patterned finishes.

Double Thick Cake cards are used between tiers of heavier cakes for support, or as a base for a single tier fruit cake. Available in round or square, and finished in silver only.

Cut-Edge cake cards are perfect for gateaux and cheesecakes or lighter smaller sponges. Smaller cards are an ideal base to support character cake toppers and protect the cake.Available in round or square, and finished in silver only.

If you are new to the cake decorating world then we are fully aware that all the possible variations in sizes and shape as well as thickness and weight of boards can sometimes be a little daunting to first time bakers. Terminology may change (single or double thick) even (card or drum) as well as metrics (mm or inches) but once you start to get used to all the permutations, you will be able to pick what is right for you with your eyes closed and hopefully these pointers will help you decide what is the best option for each one of your bakes.


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