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Set of 5 snowflake cutters in a tin ideal for festive and seasonal baking


Tala Snowflake Cutters (Set Of 5)

Product Code (10A11122)

Use with fondant icing, pastry, cookie dough and marzipan Using the snowflake cutters 1. Sieve icing sugar on the worktop and on the cutters for easy release of icing. 2. Soften the fondant icing and roll into a ball, this makes the icing more malleable. 3. Take a fondant rolling pin and sprinkle icing sugar onto the rolling pin, 4. Roll out to 5mm thick to create a strip of fondant. 5. Choose the snowflake cutter you wish to use and rub the icing sugar around the edges of the cutter carefully. 6. Push all the way through the icing, then lift the cutter away from the icing. Top Tip: If the icing gets stuck in the cutter, use a cocktail stick to prize it away from the edges. Not suitable for use in dishwasher.

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