Silverwood Victoria Surprise Set (8")

Product Code (AS-37184)

Silverwood Victoria Set is perfect for making the perfect Victoria Sponge Sandwich, the timeless, classic sponge with a strawberry and cream filling in the middle. Cakes baked using these tins are sure to impress, with the raised bases in place, each cake is turned out with a baked-in well so fillings can be hidden from view until the cake is sliced. A single layer makes a perfect sponge flan base, or for a more traditional Victoria sponge, leave out the raised bases. Made from anodised aluminium for even heat distribution. Grease, flour and line before use. Set of 2-loose based sandwich pans, Diameter: 8 inch (20cm) x Height: 1.6 inch (4cm) 2 Raised Bases 0.14 Inch (1cm)

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