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Cake Decorating

  • Everything You Need to Know About Edible Printers

    Everything You Need to Know About Edible Printers

    24th November

    Thinking of buying an edible printer? Read this before you do!

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  • Inspired Ideas for Baby Shower Baking

    Inspired Ideas for Baby Shower Baking

    12th October

    Hosting a baby shower? From cookies to cakes we have got all the baking tips and ideas you need to create a tip-top spread!

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  • Top 10 Amazing Ways to Use Piping Gel

    Top 10 Amazing Ways to Use Piping Gel

    21st March

    It is a versatile tool for bringing: Excellence, Time saving, Originality, Fun and easy ways in decorating sweets treats, pastry, puddings and desserts. Ingredients: Universally is made from Corn Syrup, Sugar...

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  • Do I need to use dowels?

    Do I need to use dowels?

    7th January

    Tiered cakes need dowels, without them they can collapse. A central dowel helps keep the cake centered. Use one dowel for every two inches of cake.

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  • Valentines Day Accessories

    Valentines Day Accessories

    29th January

    It’s that time of the year again, Christmas has ended, a brand new year has started and the first event in the British calendar is looming upon us very soon, St Valentines Day…

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  • How to Make Chocolate Curls

    How to Make Chocolate Curls

    22nd May

    Chocolate curls require a certain technique and the tempered chocolate needs to be smoothed down several times for it to cool down so you can make the curls easily.

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  • How to Decorate a Cake Using Candy

    How to Decorate a Cake Using Candy

    8th May

    You've made your cake and frosted it with buttercream. But you want to decorate it differently, why not use candy? It's simple, effective, and will make your cake taste extra yummy!

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  • Classic Wonder Mould Doll Cake

    Classic Wonder Mould Doll Cake

    8th May

    This graceful mould is the perfect cake for a little girl who loves her dolls! Turn her favourite doll into a edible cake. The amazement on her face will be priceless once its brought out to blow the candles.

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  • Fun & Fluffy Bunny Cake

    26th March

    With a cake as easy and fluffy as our bunny, you will be smiling along with your guests. The Wilton Non Stick Bunny Pan makes your baking and cake decorating a delight. Ice the fluffy fur and and add easy trims and fun candy details.

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  • A Special Guest Visited The Sugar Shack

    16th November

    During the weekend on Saturday afternoon, a special guest attended our cupcake decorating class. The staff had no idea, nor did any of the staff get to meet her. A little information about her: She is quirky, nutty and a true born West Londoner. She started baking when she became pregnant, from amateur to professional. Baking for her mother, boyfriend and friends on a regular basis. She only accepts sweet treats from her guests she interviews in her studio. She dreams of all things sweet and delicious. She is a fan of The Great British Bake Off. She is doing her bit for Children in Need which aires tonight on BBC1 7pm. 

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  • How to Use Sugarpaste

    3rd November

    Sugarpaste or Rolled Fondant is a soft paste used for covering a cake or making simple flowers/models. It is ready to roll after kneading well, and can be bought in various different sizes and colours. Chocolate and chocolate flavoured are also available depending on the types of cake you are decorating. 

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  • Covering Cakes with Rolled Fondant

    1st November

    How do you cover a cake with fondant that's perfectly smooth, without wrinkles or air bubbles? The flexibility of fondant is your secret weapon. Just follow our instructions for the right ways to knead, roll out and lift the fondant, and you'll find that covering a cake is easy.

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  • How to Colour Icing

    31st October

    Colour is as basic to your cake decorating as the icing and the cake. Choosing appropriate colours for your cake will help you capture just the mood you want for the occasion. When planning your cake, think about colour. Gather inspiration from the theme of your celebration. The icing colors you choose will carry that theme and personalise your decorating. Look around, notice everyday objects – from a garden in bloom, to the clothes people wear. Which colours appeal to you? Use your favorite colours in your decorating. Don't be afraid to try something different. Have fun using rich, bright colours or different colour combinations. Begin by making a monochromatic cake, decorated all in white or in a single, pale colour. Try using colour decorations in contrast to an all-white cake background. Decorate using all pastels or all primary colours. Experimenting with colour will help you decide which colours work to make your cake designs spectacular.

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  • Baking With Children

    4th October

    Half term is fast approaching, the kids will at home, they will either be getting bored or pestering their parents. Kids need to be entertained, so why not keep them occupied by having a baking session at home. Teach them how to make biscuits: who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked biscuits; the aroma gets you in the mood every time, and it will be a nice treat for them. At least this way you don’t need to worry about what your children are eating, when you bake your own goodies, you know exactly what goes into it, rather than it being shop bought. 

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