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  • Lemon Springy Bunnies

    Lemon Springy Bunnies

    24th March

    Chocolate cakes this Easter?? Give me cake anytime. In fact, give me lemony, spongy, madeleine-esque rabbit shaped cakes with fluffy, glittery buttercream tails....mmmm Create an edible, fairytale adventure with our new Baby Bunny Cakelet Tin. Six bunnies in total. Your own little bunnies will love it!

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  • Chocolate Easter Nests

    Chocolate Easter Nests

    23rd March

    Chocolate Easter nests are great for making with children over the holidays. Our recipe makes 12 Easter nests.

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  • Easter Cakes

    Easter Cakes

    6th February

    It’s official! Spring has sprung! The vernal equinox on March 20th marked the official start of Spring and with Easter just around the corner what better excuse do we have (not that we need one!) to get out our cake tins and start baking.

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  • Get in the Easter Spirit with a Carrot Cake

    Get in the Easter Spirit with a Carrot Cake

    5th February

    This Easter Weekend, why not give the Easter Bunny a little treat in the form of this tasty carrot cake? We can’t think of a better way to break lent!...

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  • The Great British Bake Off: Mary Berry's Lemon Pavlova

    27th March

    Last night I watched the Easter Masterclass of The Great British Bake Off with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, they both made some exceptionally wonderful delights. What stood out for me was the Lemon Pavlova, new twist for Easter topped with lemon zest and mini eggs.

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  • Fun & Fluffy Bunny Cake

    26th March

    With a cake as easy and fluffy as our bunny, you will be smiling along with your guests. The Wilton Non Stick Bunny Pan makes your baking and cake decorating a delight. Ice the fluffy fur and and add easy trims and fun candy details.

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  • Lemon Mousse Tarts

    25th March

    Celebrating Easter this weekend? Why not get creative in the kitchen and make these Easter Basket Lemon Mousse Tarts, perfect for a family gathering. The kids will love this more than the adults.

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  • Hot Cross Buns

    8th March

    Easter is early this year, towards the end of this month, Friday 29th March Good Friday, 31st March Easter Sunday, and 1st April Easter Monday. Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucification of Calvary. Easter is a movable feast, meaning it is not fixed in relation to the civil calendar. The tradition of giving easter eggs to your loved ones, making delicious treats, having hot cross buns, and enjoying some quality family time.

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  • Make Good Friday even better with some tasty, Homemade Hot Cross Buns

    7th March

    These tasty treats have quite a history; serving as a symbol for the Crucifixion, although, some believe hot cross buns pre-date Christianity and were made and eaten by the Saxons in honour of the goddess, Eostre.

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