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  • Autumn Cinnamon Rolls

    Autumn Cinnamon Rolls

    11th November

    Cinnamon rolls are all the craze this autumn and we have just the recipe for you to join that club!

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  • Summer Peach Cookies

    Summer Peach Cookies

    16th July

    Summer baking gets us excited and we encourage you to make these sweet real peach looking cookies!

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  • Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts

    Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts

    24th June

    Doughnuts don't have to be fried and fatty. They can be baked and taste just as lovely. Check out this recipe for baked cinnamon doughnuts and make them as a treat this weekend!

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  • Banana Loaf

    Banana Loaf

    19th March

    This banana loaf recipe is easy and quick to make. It even has a drizzle for extra lavishness. Get your little ones helping in the process so they enjoy the end result even more!

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  • Lemon Springy Bunnies

    Lemon Springy Bunnies

    24th March

    Chocolate cakes this Easter? Give me cake anytime. In fact, give me lemony, spongy, madeleine-esque rabbit shaped cakes with fluffy, glittery buttercream tails....mouthwatering! Create an edible, fairy tale adventure with our new Baby Bunny Cakelet Tin. Six bunnies in total. Your own little bunnies will love it!

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  • Bloomin' Marvelous Mothers Day Shortbread

    Bloomin' Marvelous Mothers Day Shortbread

    22nd March

    Mamma Mia! You've forgotten Mother's Day and its 3 days away...don't fear Sugar Shack is here!! These sugarpaste flower shortbread biscuits and wrapped in beautiful tissue will make the perfect gift for any mother, mama, nana or nona.

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  • Baked Blueberry Pancakey-Cake

    Baked Blueberry Pancakey-Cake

    21st February

    Bake my pancake, are you serious?! Don't want to stand over the stove for 150 minutes this Shrove Tuesday, ladling mix into the pan with a 50/50 ratio of butter to batter?- Try this bake that encompasses all those early spring flavours, with all that ease! It's a pancake, but baked!

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  • Chilli Chocolate Tequila Truffles

    Chilli Chocolate Tequila Truffles

    9th February

    “All the single ladies (all the single ladies)”….what would Beyonce do if she were single on V-day? Well we like to think she’d grab a bottle of Tequila and indulge in some fun. Why don’t you do the same? With your mates or without them, who cares?!

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  • Awesome skinny muffins

    Awesome skinny muffins

    10th January

    These muffins are little treasures! Sweet and moist they will satisfy your sugar craving no problem. Using coconut milk and apple sauce instead of butter means that this sweet treat can be enjoyed without spoiling your diet. Hooray!

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  • Delicious Vegan cupcakes

    Delicious Vegan cupcakes

    6th December

    These delicious little cupcakes are quick to make and totally yummy too! Once baked a dollop of frosting is all you need and you are good to go!

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  • Gluten-free apple and almond cake

    Gluten-free apple and almond cake

    6th December

    This cake is sweet, light and perfect for afternoon tea.

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  • Dairy free Victoria Sponge

    Dairy free Victoria Sponge

    6th December

    You can't go wrong with a light and airy Victoria sponge - and this one is dairy-free!

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  • Scrumptious Yule Log!

    Scrumptious Yule Log!

    29th November

    There is nothing quite like a chunky slice of chocolate yule log to get you into the festive spirit!

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  • It's time to bake that Christmas cake!

    It's time to bake that Christmas cake!

    16th November

    If you want a rich, moist cake to plonk down post-Xmas lunch, now is a good time to bake it. Our simple and delicious Christmas cake recipe - perfect for the festive season!

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  • Perfect Parkin!

    Perfect Parkin!

    2nd November

    Parkin is dark, sticky and soft - the ultimate puddingy, cake-y delight. Go on - you deserve it!

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