• Mini Cappuccino Cakes

    Mini Cappuccino Cakes

    13th August

    Wedding season is upon us so it's time to get creative with the table toppers and delicious bakes for all of those hungry guests. These are a exquisite way to express elegance and an air of sophistication which no good wedding can go without.

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  • Mini Carrot Cupcakes

    Mini Carrot Cupcakes

    12th August

    These little bad boys are an elegant yet adorable spin on the classic and much loved carrot cake. We all love carrot cake because we can sneakily convince ourselves its a healthier sort of cake and we also love cupcakes because they are delicious.

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  • Chewy M&M Cookie Bars

    Chewy M&M Cookie Bars

    10th August

    Chewy M&M Cookie Bars These multi-coloured bars of sweety glory are such a fun way to spice up normal cookie bake recipes.

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  • Summer Fun Bakewell Tart Slices

    Summer Fun Bakewell Tart Slices

    9th August

    Bakewell Tart Slices Everybody enjoys an easy bake and this one is a fantastically simple way to achieve the golden rich taste of a Bakewell Tart.

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  • Berry Cobbler Rice Krispy Treats

    Berry Cobbler Rice Krispy Treats

    8th August

    Berry Cobbler Rice Krispy Treats A berry cobbler without berries? Yes it's true this recipe has a new upgraded hassle free approach for those who need something sweet in a short space of time. It's got the soft mouth...

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  • Peanut Butter Cookies with Reese’s Pieces

    Peanut Butter Cookies with Reese’s Pieces

    7th August

    The reign of the chocolate chip cookie is coming to an end as new more creative flavours rush towards the cookie jar and we're going to let you in on a secret: how to satisfy your cookie cravings with something fun and child friendly.

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  • Its a Boy!

    Its a Boy!

    23rd July

    The Royal news was announced on Monday evening on the birth of the Royal Baby Boy born at 16:24 BST, weighing 8lb 6oz, third in line for the throne.

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  • Doughnut Apple Fritters

    Doughnut Apple Fritters

    9th July

    Bored of your normal breakfast routine....... Step out from the norm and step into the sublime world of apple fritters, light dough covered with apple pieces, dusted with cinnamon. Experience the crunchy sweet crust, fluffy moist dough as you...

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  • Jamie Oliver's Boozy Chocolate Cherry Cake

    Jamie Oliver's Boozy Chocolate Cherry Cake

    5th July

    Cherries are in season for summer, delicious fruit to eat and bake with. This chocolate cake is not too difficult to make and is totally delicious.

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  • Pistachio Baklava

    Pistachio Baklava

    25th June

    The Turkish and Lebanese delight is usually given complimentary after a meal for you to cleanse your palette. Made from rich, sweet pastry, layers of filo pastry filled with nuts and sweetened with honey.

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  • White Chocolate Truffle & Champagne Cupcakes

    White Chocolate Truffle & Champagne Cupcakes

    20th June

    These cupcakes are like some sort of heaven in your mouth and on your mind. White chocolate truffle mixed in with champagne, they say chocolate is some sort of aphrodisiac and champagne is drunk when celebrating a special...

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  • Cinnamon Rolls

    Cinnamon Rolls

    14th June

    Cinnamon rolls are one of the best things created. You really can't go wrong, a treat for any time of the day, whether you are craving it for breakfast, or a mid day snack at work, but no sharing, this is too good for those hungry hippos to have!

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  • Father's Day Flapjacks

    Father's Day Flapjacks

    5th June

    Father's Day looms on Sunday 16th June. Impress your dad with his favourite flapjack, I am sure every dad out there has a sweet tooth. Show them how much they mean to you, how much you cherish them.

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  • Colourful Spiral Cookies

    Colourful Spiral Cookies

    31st May

    Everyone likes a splash of colour in their food. Something that is well presented appeals to the eye more and then your brain goes into another world, trying to imagine what it will taste like.... Now that the sun is finally shining...

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  • Simple Vanilla Cupcakes

    Simple Vanilla Cupcakes

    28th May

    Vanilla cupcakes are pretty much easy, as when you start baking, you start off with vanilla, it is the starter for all levels. But finding a good recipe is hard, some struggle to achieve a flat top, or add in too many ingredients...

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