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  • Lemon Butter Pavlova with Fresh Berries & Cream

    Lemon Butter Pavlova with Fresh Berries & Cream

    22nd May

    Pavlova is a summery dessert, I know here in the UK we lack something called 'sunshine' but does the weather really matter when it comes to enjoying good food? A good pavlova has a crisp crust which is very light inside.....

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  • Strawberry Cream Pie

    Strawberry Cream Pie

    20th May

    Strawberries will be in full blooming season soon, deliciously red and ever so sweet, perfect fruit for snacking on, or having with cream and chocolate. Ideal compliment to any evening meal and great as a simple dessert.

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  • Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

    Cosmopolitan Cupcakes

    13th May

    Are you throwing a hen party? Or a quiet night in with the girls? Want to make something boozy yet feminine? These comso cupcakes are so simple yet so good, the splash of Cointreau is subtle yet invigorating.

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  • Sprinkle Bakes: Deep Dish Banoffee Pie

    Sprinkle Bakes: Deep Dish Banoffee Pie

    9th May

    I wasn't much of a banoffee pie fan, I don't know why, maybe because I'm not a fan of bananas, people always use to tell me 'go on just try it, it won't kill you' but the look of it wasn't appealing to me. I like to eat things that are...

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  • Classic Wonder Mould Doll Cake

    Classic Wonder Mould Doll Cake

    8th May

    This graceful mould is the perfect cake for a little girl who loves her dolls! Turn her favourite doll into a edible cake. The amazement on her face will be priceless once its brought out to blow the candles.

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  • Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream

    Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream

    1st May

    The first thing you want in the morning to wake you up is either a coffee or some tea, or for some neither. Chocolate mocha beans eaten alone is smooth and light. The first taste is of course coffee,...

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  • Mojito Genoise

    Mojito Genoise

    15th January

    Genoise is an Italian sponge cake named after the city of Genoa and is closely associated with Italian and French cuisine. Air is suspended in the batter through mixing to give volume to...

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  • Pull-Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

    Pull-Apart Graveyard Cupcakes

    9th October

    A spooky holiday comes upon us very soon, an eve of serious mischief or of some delightful treating. Decorate your house with silly string, graveyard signs of R.I.P, spooky pumpkin lanterns, spiders crawling all over your walls, vampires that appear as your guests are walking into your house at night. Fancy costumes are always a hit, why not dress up as your favourite horror film character, and use a lot of props and blood. If you are hosting a party, why not have a trick for the adults and a treat for the kids, or even the adults if they play nicely!

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  • Smarties Cookies

    4th August

    A Sugar Shack recipe on how to make Smarties Cookies!

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